We offer international shipping via EMS.
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We offer international shipping via EMS.

We will inform you how to order by international shipping by EMS.

We offer international shipping via EMS.

How to Order:
Please inform us of the products you wish to purchase by contacting us at

Please provide the following information:
・Phone number (mobile phone is also acceptable)
・Email address
・Desired products for purchase (Please specify the product names and quantities)

Shipping fees vary depending on the weight of the packaged items and the destination country. Once the packing is done by our staff, we will send you an invoice via PayPal for the product cost, shipping fees, delivery insurance, and handling charges. We will proceed with the shipment as soon as we confirm the payment.

・PayPal is the only accepted payment method.
・Some items, including "HASAMI PORCELAIN", cannot be shipped via EMS.
・Shipping fees vary based on weight and the destination country.
・Shipping fees are determined by weight after packing. Changes or additions to orders cannot be made after order confirmation.
・For international shipping via EMS, a packing fee of 1,000 yen per shipment will be charged.

⚠️ Items that are sold out in the online store cannot be purchased even if you email us.

For reference, here are the shipping rates:


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